Ravnican Guild Blitz or Guild Blitz (RGB/GB) is a Brawl variant that uses only guild-affiliated cards.

Ravnican Guild Blitz games use the normal rules for the Commander variant with the following modifications:

  1. Ravnican Guild Blitz decks are constructed using only cards that bear the Ravnican guild watermarks plus guild-affiliated Story Spotlight/Planeswalker cards.
  2. A player designates either a legendary planeswalker or a legendary creature as their commander.
  3. A player’s deck must contain exactly 60 cards, including its commander.
  4. In a two-player Ravnican Guild Blitz game, each player’s starting life total is 25. In a multiplayer Ravnican Guild Blitz game, each player’s starting life total is 30.
  5. In any Ravnican Guild Blitz game, the first time a player takes a mulligan, they draw a new hand of as many cards as they had before. Subsequent hands decrease by one card as normal.
  6. Ravnican Guild Blitz games do not use the state-based action described in rule 704.5v, which causes a player to lose the game if they’ve been dealt 21 or more combat damage by a commander.
  7. 10 decks can be played in total, each for every Ravnican guild. (e.g., If you build around an Azorius commander, you can only use Azorius-affiliated cards , If you build around a Rakdos commander, you can only use Rakdos-affiliated cards, etc.)

List of legal sets in Ravnican Guild Blitz

Ravnica block (Ravnica: City of Guilds, Guildpact & Dissension)

Return to Ravnica block (Return to Ravnica, Gatecrash & Dragon’s Maze)

Guilds of Ravnica & Ravnica Allegiance

List of legal cards in Ravnican Guild Blitz

Azorius Senate

Dissension http://www.mythicspoiler.com/dis/azorius.html

Return to Ravnica http://www.mythicspoiler.com/rtr/azorius.html

Dragon’s Maze http://www.mythicspoiler.com/dgm/azorius.html

Ravnica Allegiance http://www.mythicspoiler.com/rna/azorius.html

Planeswalker Deck Exclusive

http://www.mythicspoiler.com/rna/cards/dovinarchitectoflaw.html http://www.mythicspoiler.com/rna/cards/dovinsdismissal.html http://www.mythicspoiler.com/rna/cards/elitearrester.html

Boros Legion

Ravnica: City of Guilds http://www.mythicspoiler.com/rav/boros.html

Gatecrash http://www.mythicspoiler.com/gtc/boros.html

Dragon’s Maze http://www.mythicspoiler.com/dgm/boros.html

Guilds of Ravnica http://www.mythicspoiler.com/grn/boros.html

Cult of Rakdos

Dissension http://www.mythicspoiler.com/dis/rakdos.html

Return to Ravnica http://www.mythicspoiler.com/rtr/rakdos.html

Dragon’s Maze http://www.mythicspoiler.com/dgm/rakdos.html

Ravnica Allegiance http://www.mythicspoiler.com/rna/rakdos.html

Golgari Swarm

Ravnica: City of Guilds http://www.mythicspoiler.com/rav/golgari.html

Return to Ravnica http://www.mythicspoiler.com/rtr/golgari.html

Dragon’s Maze http://www.mythicspoiler.com/dgm/golgari.html

Guilds of Ravnica http://www.mythicspoiler.com/grn/golgari.html

Planeswalker Deck Exclusive

https://www.mythicspoiler.com/grn/cards/vraskaregalgorgon.html http://www.mythicspoiler.com/grn/cards/vraskasstoneglare.html https://www.mythicspoiler.com/grn/cards/attendantofvraska.html

Gruul Clans

Guildpact http://www.mythicspoiler.com/gpt/gruul.html

Gatecrash http://www.mythicspoiler.com/gtc/gruul.html

Dragon’s Maze http://www.mythicspoiler.com/dgm/gruul.html

Ravnica Allegiance http://www.mythicspoiler.com/rna/gruul.html

Planeswalker Deck Exclusive

http://www.mythicspoiler.com/rna/cards/domricitysmasher.html http://www.mythicspoiler.com/rna/cards/domrisnodorog.html http://www.mythicspoiler.com/rna/cards/chargingwarboar.html

House Dimir

Ravnica: City of Guilds http://www.mythicspoiler.com/rav/dimir.html

Gatecrash http://www.mythicspoiler.com/gtc/dimir.html

Dragon’s Maze http://www.mythicspoiler.com/dgm/dimir.html

Guilds of Ravnica http://www.mythicspoiler.com/grn/dimir.html

Izzet League

Guildpact http://www.mythicspoiler.com/gpt/izzet.html

Return to Ravnica http://www.mythicspoiler.com/rtr/izzet.html

Dragon’s Maze http://www.mythicspoiler.com/dgm/izzet.html

Guilds of Ravnica http://www.mythicspoiler.com/grn/izzet.html

Planeswalker Deck Exclusive

https://www.mythicspoiler.com/grn/cards/ralcallerofstorms.html https://www.mythicspoiler.com/grn/cards/ralsstaticaster.html

Orzhov Syndicate

Guildpact http://www.mythicspoiler.com/gpt/orzhov.html

Gatecrash http://www.mythicspoiler.com/gtc/orzhov.html

Dragon’s Maze http://www.mythicspoiler.com/dgm/orzhov.html

Ravnica Allegiance http://www.mythicspoiler.com/rna/orzhov.html

Selesnya Conclave

Ravnica: City of Guilds http://www.mythicspoiler.com/rav/selesnya.html

Return to Ravnica http://www.mythicspoiler.com/rtr/selesnya.html

Dragon’s Maze http://www.mythicspoiler.com/dgm/selesnya.html

Guilds of Ravnica http://www.mythicspoiler.com/grn/selesnya.html

Simic Combine

Dissension http://www.mythicspoiler.com/dis/simic.html

Gatecrash http://www.mythicspoiler.com/gtc/simic.html

Dragon’s Maze http://www.mythicspoiler.com/dgm/simic.html

Ravnica Allegiance http://www.mythicspoiler.com/rna/simic.html

Disclaimer/Legal Notice

Ravnican Guild Blitz, as a concept, is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. (Tablet of the Guilds, Illustrated by Nic Klein) ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.